Specialist Toy Sales

We Hold regular Specialist Sales of Toys

(Please contact us for an expert appraisal of your Toys and private collections on 01565 653284 or by email antiques@frankmarshall.co.uk)

Our Next Specialist Toy Sale Will Be Held on 15/16th July 2014 (entries invited until 20th June)


There is currently strong demand from collectors for good quality toys and models of all ages. Our sales regularly include live steam, electric and clockwork railway items of various gauges, diecast vehicles both pre and post war by makers including Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and other more modern manufacturers, Meccano, Scalextric, military, farm, zoo and other models by Britains, Crescent and other makers, 19th and 20th century dolls, teddy bears and other soft toys by Steiff, Merrythought, Chad Valley etc and models including pond yachts and ships, rocking horses and a variety of other collectable toys.


Our team of experts with the benefit of worldwide internet marketing are able to achieve consistently high prices.


Please contact us for a free appraisal of your objects and collections.


Frank Marshall LLP, Marshall House, Church Hill, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6DH. Telephone 01565 653284, email peter.ashburner@frankmarshall.co.uk


Recent Sale Highlights:

From Left to Right: A good quality large modern wooden dapple grey rocking horse £2,400. A Bassett-Lowke '0' gauge 4-6-0 live steam locomotive no.5524 with associated six wheel tender no.13000 in maroon livery in green Bassett-Lowke box £280. Twenty Britains 'Herald' Swoppets comprising Indians from the Cowboys and Indians series, individually boxed mounted figures including H531, H532, H533, H534 and H535 and other examples £280.
From Left to Right: A Scratch built black 5inch gauge live steam tank locomotive 'Phoenix' built by G C Stewardson in Bolton in 1992 - Sold £2,300. A live steam scratch built 2-6-2 3½ inch gauge locomotive 'Bantam Cock' with six wheel tender in green LNER livery - Sold £1,500. A good quality wooden pond yacht with keel, light wood hull, wooden plank effect decking, mast with two red sails - Sold £480. 
From Left to Right: 3½ inch gauge live steam LMS 4-6-2 locomotive 'Duchess of Buccleuch' with 6 wheel tender - Sold £4,200. 3½ inch gauge live steam LMS 4-6-0 locomotive 'The Cheshire Regiment' with 6 wheel tender - Sold £3,100
From Left to Right: A boxed Hornby series '0' gauge milk tank wagon 'Nestle's Milk' no.RS715 with blue base - Sold £360. A Britains book type display of the complete range of zoo animals, figures and accessories - Sold £170. 
From Left to Right: A mid-19th century papier-mâché shoulder doll - Sold £680. A good quality Continental bisque headed doll - Sold £700. A fine quality scratc built A1 0-6-0 Stroudley Terrier live steam locomotive no.54 'Waddon' - Sold £3,700. A fine quality scratch built A1 0-6-0 Stroudley Terrier live steam locomotive no.54 'Waddon'
From Left to Right: A good quality wooden rocking horse with solid timber frame, with label 'Rambler of Liverpool' - Sold £840. A very fine quality live steam model 'The Burrell' traction engine - Sold £960.
From Left to Right: A large collection of approximately one hundred mainly Britains metal military figures - Sold £560. A good collection of Scalextric Tri-ang - Sold £720