Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson

Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson of Kilburn, Yorkshire was a prolific maker of the 1930's producing traditional handcrafted English oak furniture. His signature and trademark was a mouse, hence the nickname. 'The Mouseman' has since become known as one of the best craftsmen of the 20th century and his family firm of Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd still today manufctures the highest quality English oak furniture in Kilburn, using the same traditional techniques and skills.
Robert Thompson's trademark mouse first appeared around 1920, and then modified in 1930 to remove the front legs which were prone to breaking off. Now the famous mouse symbol has an uncertain history. The story told by Robert Thompson himself is that one of his craftsmen remarked that they were 'all as poor as church mice' whereupon Robert carved a mouse on the church screen he was working on. The mouse is an important identifier in assessing the age of a piece of furniture, as well as the degree of adzing, colour, and patina. Each piece of furniture is entirely hand-made and the honeycomb effect on the tables top is known as an 'adzed surface' and is created by hand using a carpenter's adze.
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From Left to Right: A pair of Robert Mouseman Thompson oak table candlesticks of octagonal form Sold 360 - A pair of Robert Mouseman Thompson adzed oak rectangular trinket boxes and covers Sold 340 - A pair of Robert Mouseman Thompson oak leather topped stools Sold 580 
From Left to Right: An impressive Robert Mouseman Thompson adzed oak stool, with dished seat Sold 500 - A Robert Mouseman Thompson oak swing dressing table mirror Sold 520 - A Robert Mouseman Thompson adzed oak nest of three rectangular coffee tables Sold 1,000